How we work

The Ogilvie & Davies service is all about quality, honesty and results. The entire process, after receiving an instruction typically takes six weeks.

The first and most important part of any new search is the client meeting. A meeting is essential and it is the foundation for a successful recruitment campaign.  It is imperative that we know as much as possible about the opportunity and the client’s business.

Secondly, we perform an exacting and thorough research program. This research takes up to two weeks and throughout this time we are in regular contact with the client. This ongoing communication with the client and the resultant fine-tuning of the research is the secret to the identification of the very best available candidates.

The remaining time is dedicated to discreetly and skillfully approaching the selected candidates and thoroughly interviewing them.  We then compile a shortlist of the most appropriate candidates for the client to interview. Naturally, we assist with all the interviews by providing detailed feedback, psychometric testing and taking out thorough references on all those shortlisted.